Swift for servers - awesome!

Vapor is a server side compiler designed to work with a variety of database hosts, including MacOS, Ubuntu, Heroku, MySQL, SQLite and others. Like Swift, the project is open source, with the code available for download through GitHub.

Vapor essentially does much of the heavy lifting of writing code for a server. It is available as a package to be added to existing projects, with functions specifically oriented to interfacing with different database and server packages using existing Swift code. Simply download it to the machine and it is ready to be used.

Any information concerning Vapor is located on Vapor Docs, though some videos exist on YouTube as well. The Vapor Docs website located here contains the documentation for Vapor and instructions for how to install it on different servers.

Vapor is our framework that we use whenever we use Swift for servers. Not much to say except for: It’s awesome! While there are a couple of frameworks that operate using Swift we focussed on Vapor since we really liked the community.

As of December 2017 we are also officially sponsering Vapor.

Shoot us an email, we’ll find a way to be helpful.

No pressure. Really.