Finally a great programming language

Swift was introduced by Apple during WWDC 2014. They designed it to be a language that made it easier for developers to begin coding on their different product lines and replaced the somewhat complicated Objective-C that had been used previously. The exciting part about this introduction for developers not concerned with app development is that Apple released Swift to be an open source language. This means that anyone can tweak the code to perform as they wish it to in contexts other than Apple’s own ecosystems. As it is intended for app development on Apple’s devices, it requires the Xcode IDE, which runs exclusively on the Mac operating system.

Apple has also been promoting the use of Swift by developers by creating an iPad app specifically intended to teach people how to code using Swift only, and teach how to code with their WWDC videos. Their documentation of the code also focuses on Swift APIs, and developers that teach through videos have begun creating an extensive collection of tutorial videos for getting new developers started with the language. Swift is currently in its 4th generation of development, and there is extensive documentation available about the different APIs, making it an easy language to learn.

The Swift open source site is located at swift.org.


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