Backends & APIs

We can develop your app for iOS and Android. We have decades of experience in a vararity of langauges.

Developing a website or an app is most often only half of the required work. An API or a backend are usually part of what needs to be developed. We have worked on many apps, frontend and websites that required extensive backends and APIs.

Developing an API or a backend is nothing that should be taken lightly. We have developed a strong foundadtion for our products and use cutting-edge technology. You can get a glimpse of what our backends look like by looking at our Github page. (yep, we contribute to open source and some of our backends are available for the public).

Maybe this is your case?

  • Want to develop an app that connects to the internet
  • Want to connect my shop to my accounting or other services
  • Want an API for my existing software

If you are in need of an API or a backend don’t hesitate to book a phone call to discuss your need.

Shoot us an email, we’ll find a way to be helpful.

No pressure. Really.