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Vapor Development

We started out by primarily using PHP for web developments. PHP used to be - this is in 2005 - the only sane solution for web. But times have changed. We have NodeJS, Go, Java, Swift and others available now.

For different reasons we had gotten very frustrated with PHP - mainly do tu its lack of being fast, compiled and type-safe. So we starting looking for alternatives and settled for one of the newer languages: Swift.

Swift has a couple of web frameworks but after a quick review we decided to go with the most promising one: Vapor.

Our developers are actively contributing to Vapor and we as a company officially sponsor Vapor and Vapor-related projects.

If you have a project that you want to be implemented using Vapor but you are lacking the resources or the experience, we are more than happy to be your Vapor development team. Eversince we faded out of using PHP we have been using Vapor for every project possible.

We are now pleased to offer dedicated Vapor development for companies who are seeking more efficient and faster solutions for the new or updated products. Contact us for more details!

Vapor is the currently best available technology to develop highly scalable and programmer-friendly backends & APIs. You can hire us to develop your next level backend with cutting-edge technology.


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