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If you are looking for an update of your online shop, or you need an online shop at all, we are gladly helping you out. We have over 10 years of experience in dealing with various shop systems. From Magento over Woocommerce and Shopware to individual developments, we have worked on it all.

Every shop is unique and has individual requirements. Sometimes an off-the-shelf system like Woocommerce will work great for you, other times a more sophisticated solution is needed.

We have developed our own shop system that allows for 100% customization.

Maybe this is your case?

  • Old shop that needs an update
  • Plugin-Hell of Wordpress is frustrating to you
  • Need more than off-the-shelf software can offer

Go ahead and book a phone call with us to discuss your shop!

Every shop is unique. Which is why we approach each shop individually and without trying to limit the options.


Shoot us an email, we’ll find a way to be helpful.

No pressure. Really.

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