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Here you see some selected references and projects on which we work on a daily basis. For details please click on the logo. Alle projects were complete planned, programmed and published by us.

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Medusas Son Medusas Son Medusas Son Medusas Son Medusas Son

Medusa's Son

Medusa's Son is a game for iOS which we developed together with whiteape games. The greatly feared Medusa gave birth to a new child - a boy! Because he is such a little rascal, you have to help her to calm him down! To do that, you have to close as many eyes as possible, or you get stoned by the son‘s staring sight if an eye closes before you hit it! Each eye gives you some points for your score - depending on your speed and level.

Our work
  • Programming of the game with Objective-C and Cocos2d
  • Setting up the Game Center of Apple
  • Setting up a facebook highscore list

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Burger Locator

The Burger Locator helps you to find the next Burger Restaurant in your close area. This tools is perfect for travelers. We have the following chains in our database: McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Counter Burger, Andy’s Burgers, In n out Burger, Subway, Arbys, Wendy’s Burger.

Our work
  • Programming of the app for Android and iOS
  • Development of the website, the backend and the database
  • Service and management of the software
  • Design and concept

In the App Store In the App Store

Burger Locator Burger Locator Burger Locator Burger Locator

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