Medusas Son

Medusa's Son

The greatly feared Medusa gave birth to a new child - a boy! Because he is such a little rascal, you have to help her to calm him down! To do that, you have to close as many eyes as possible, or you get stoned by the son‘s staring sight if an eye closes before you hit it! Each eye gives you some points for your score - depending on your speed and level.

You can close an eye just with a tap on it!

Sometimes you tap on a bonus eye - it‘s shown on Medusa‘s Son‘s forehead!
There are different bonus eyes:
- Extra life - so you can miss an eye if you‘re too slow ;)
- Rage Mode - just swipe all over his face to close his eyes!
- Extreme Rage Mode - just swipe all over his face to close his eyes and get a triple amount of points for each swiped eye!
- Slow Motion - Take a breath, eyes open very slow now!
- Triple - gives you a triple amount of points per eye!

In the beginning eyes stay open quite long and begin to close quicker, depending on your level.
The faster you press the eyes, the more points you get!

So hurry up!

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Medusa‘s Son is a game by developed by Skelpo® - hot software.

Our work included:

  • Programming of the iOS and the Android app
  • Connection to the Game-Center of Apple.
  • Ported to most used Android and iOS devices.