Shopware - Business Partner

Shopware Certified Developer

Setup, Programming, Design and Hosting - all provided by Skelpo

Shopware is an online shop system which is easily set up for eCommerce projects. Using modern web technologies it is suitable for all kinds of shops. Developed in Germany by Shopware and because Skelpo also operates in Germany we can guarantee you most excellent support in highest quality and effenciency. Skelpo Inc. is the first and only official business partner of Shopware! We offer you our products and services to make your shop as perfect as possible.

Our services include:

  • Creating a beautiful design for your shop
  • Implementing a design into your shop
  • Customizing and setting up your shop
  • Programming plugins that meet your specific needs
  • Hosting your shop on our servers
  • Optimizing your shop for search engines (SEO)
  • Integration of all payment providers into your shop
  • Consulting based on a 10 year long experience
  • Mobile integration

Here you can see the current Shopware versions:
Shopware Products

In case you are interested, just contact us.

morepixel GmbH

Full satisfaction through perfect partners

The German company morepixel GmbH is a great partner for many years now and we built many successful projects together. morepixel is taking care of all graphical and visual aspects of our projects.