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Defend Your Technology with AWS Tools

Last week we gave you a rundown of the best apps you can download to protect your technology and electronic devices. Most of the apps we discussed were available on iOs or Android and could be downloaded for little to no fee at all. This week, keeping to the same topic, we are going to discuss how you can defend you technology using purely AWS tools and applications.

One thing we love about the AWS suite of defense tools is that because they were created to be mutually beneficial, they work together better than a suite of applications chosen at random by a consumer. Furthermore, AWS Defense Tools are created specifically to protect businesses and large user bases, unlike many of their application counterparts.

Below you will find a rundown of our favorite AWS Defense Tools.

Amazon Cognito Managing multiple users, usernames, and sign-ons can be overwhelming. Not only is it difficult to keep track of the data, it is also difficult to disburse the data to all of the necessary channels. Likewise, sharing user data across channels can compromise some of your most important information. With Amazon Cognito, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Amazon Cognito is a defense tool that allows you to sign-on, sign-off, add users, and manage user data at the touch of a button.

AWS Firewall Manager If you are managing a large network of computers and systems, there is nothing more important than protecting them from viruses, malware, and other web-based threats. And, for that, you will need a strong firewall and firewall manager. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a firewall management software that allows you to keep track of your firewalls in real time and manage all of your firewall accounts simultaneously. However, AWS Firewall Manager lets you do all of those things.

Amazon Inspector Every application on your device or across multiple devices has a different threat monitoring system which makes it hard to accurately protect them. That’s why if you are managing multiple devices and multiple users across a network you will want to look into Amazon Inspector. Amazon Inspector is an automated assessment that tracks your threats across devices and in real-time. With Amazon Inspector you will know about threats as soon as they occur so you can stop them in their tracks. If you manage a large network and are looking for a suite of tools that is easy to use and simple to manage, it is highly recommended to check out AWS Defense Tools. Although you may find other security projects to better fit your needs, we bet it will be difficult to find multiple products that will work as well together.

If you have ever used AWS Defense Tools to protect your technology, let us know! We would love to be able to learn from your experience and have you share your advice with our other readers!

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