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What You Need To Build a Smart Home

Smart Home

In 1999 Disney released a made for TV movie called Smart House. If you are anywhere between the ages of 25 and 35 you will likely be able to recall the movie and its storyline. If not, here’s the synopsis: A teenager wins a fully automated dream house for his family. The house can do virtually EVERYTHING for them and knows everything about them. But, as the house gains control, things begin to go wrong…you know the rest.

Fast forward twenty years and smart houses aren’t just a concept portrayed in made for TV Disney movies. Today, smart homes are a reality for many families and a desire for the rest. If you are one of the many people that want to create a responsive, interactive home for you and your family there are a few key components you are going to need.

A Strong Wireless Internet Connection In a home where you want to have constant connectivity, you will need is a strong wireless internet connection. When it comes to wireless internet and creating a smart home, it is highly recommended that you go with the strongest and fastest connection available. Furthermore, you will want to boost that connectivity by purchasing and using a high strong wi-fi router and even a wireless extender. These things will help to create a stronger communication flow between the smart devices within your home and are the foundation of any smart home.

Smart Appliances and Devices A smart home is a home with appliances, devices, and systems that communicate with one another in order to operate the home. When you are picking the appliances and devices to create your smart home, you should be sure to ensure every device is able to function as a part of the IoT and not just a few. Some smart home devices and functions can be hardwired into the home, where others are standalone. Typically, smart homes have a balanced combination of the two.

A Plan for Wireless Control If you don’t want to end up like the family on Smart House you are going to want to have a plan for controlling your smart home. As a family, you should know how to turn on the system, turn off the system, and how to use the app(s) that control each device.

For most families building a smart home takes a lot of time and careful planning. However, we have a feeling that in the future smart homes will become the norm and that every family will have constant connectivity at their fingertips.

Have you created a smart home for your family using IoT devices? If so, talk to us and let us know all about your experience!

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