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The Best Apps for Keeping Your Phone and Information Safe!

Phone and Information Safe

Each and every time you log on the internet there is a chance your information can be stolen. Everything from your name, address, phone number, and even social security number are in jeopardy. Thankfully, the progress of technology has also made it possible to create apps that can keep your information safe.

If you are looking for a few new methods for protecting your personal information, these are a few apps you can check out!

LOG DOG MOBILE SECURITY When it comes to defending your phone, Log Dog claims to be one of the best. Simply install the app and choose what information and other applications you want to protect. Most security apps can protect your simple passwords, but Log Dog knows how to protect your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, SnapChat, and so much more. Log Dog even protects your credit card information and scans your email for phishing messages. You can install Log Dog on your Android or IoS device.

KEEPLY There are some things you just want to keep private, and when you do you install Keeply. Keeply secures your most sacred information such as your photos, browsing history, and purchases behind a locked pin so only you can see it. Unique features of Keeply include a “fake” pin that can be used around suspicious suspects, the capability to take a picture of any intruders, and backs up all of your data without sending any of it through a server. Keeply is available on IoS or Android.

BITDEFENDER MOBILE SECURITY Although it is not free, Bitfender is certainly worth the price you will pay for peace of mind. For only $14.99 you receive internet security and antivirus for your mobile device. The app also continually updates so you never have to worry about there being holes in your security systems. If you like the way Bitdefender works, you can also purchase options for your PC or other devices.

SIGNAL Many people don’t think about their information being compromised through a phone call, but with today’s internet calling technology it is more at risk than ever. Signal is an app designed to encrypt your telephone conversations and protect all of your information from those who are calling trying to get a glimpse of your location or take a crack at your phone security. When you use Signal you make your voice calls, video calls, and even text messages in the app. Signal makes sure your service is not compromised so you have the clearest conversation, and it also makes sure your information is not compromised either!

However you use your phone you should be sure that you are taking advantage of these apps, or apps like these to protect your information. The technology today is too advanced to not have some type of barrier in place between you and those trying to take advantage of you.

What security apps have you tried and liked? Leave us a message below, we want to know!

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