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Facebook’s efficiency in advertisements

Facebook’s efficiency in advertisements

Did you ever ask yourself the question if the efficiency of Facebooks advertisements in your account have been effective or not? What is behind all these tools of winning clients with different ways in Facebook? We took a closer look into it.

While some sources talk of experiences with Facebook advertisements talk about a high rank of winning views of people for their individual sides, it is remarkable, that Facebook is not the only source of pulling attention. Next to mailings, links, #hashtags or Google Advertisements it is just one option which is to choose, but definitely one of the most effective ones, if we believe in reports of experiences.

What is Facebook advertisement?

Facebook advertisement is basically all kind of different tools in order to put your page, or side or even product into the screen of other people, who might be potential buyers or interested people. So what do they offer: Creating ads from your page for special targets Ad’s for special Audiences Ad’s for special places Creative Ad’s

You are mainly free to decide anything regarding your output. Is it more about a page to be known, you may choose the „Reach“ Ad’s, where you create a small brochure or prospect which will be shown to certain audiences (where you also have the chance to choose who exactly and where & when will see it) depending on the money budget you would like to invest. Here it is important to differentiate between the things you need and you really need. Facebook is offering a lot of different tools. Small posts you already did in the past are observed and might get suggested to be promoted. Does not necessarily mean that it is the one thing you may need, or lead you to the desired success.

Customers like it colorful and simple. They might just sit in the bathroom on their phone and scroll over Facebook or instagram and check the latest pictures, offers or videos. They do not want to have the feeling necessarily to be a „client“, so it is an art to sell your item, whatever it is, to them.

How to use it correctly The most important thing is that you know what you want. Be patient. Be wise. Because money on facebook can be taken away shortly, without big results. Which is why Marketing is so important here. Do not think that one post will change your sales numbers, no, but it will, over time show the results. Endure the time where nothing works, but take attention. It is important that you follow a boosted post, to, if necessary jump in and to create another ad which can help, if the previous Ad have not been successful. If you leave your boosted post alone, you may not be alerted enough to react, so it is important to see tendencies and to react if necessary. Nevertheless, choose the right post and the right target group, according to your strategy.

Our counsel

Do not just built on paid advertisement but actually be active on facebook the entire time. Invite your friends and their friends, join groups, work on your PR and put regularly posts with hashtags on your side and on instagram and you will have great results of your online presence within short time.

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