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Apple’s New Products are Anything but Spooky

Apple Products

On October 30, 2018, Apple is set to launch a variety of new products that will bring excitement to every Apple loving house across the world. If you are like many other Apple enthusiasts you might be wondering what Apple could possibly be launching now…especially after its big announcement of three new iPhones (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR) earlier this year. But, per usual Apple has been working on a slew of new products that it will introduce to the world just before the holiday shopping season frenzy begins.

A New and Improved iPad Whenever a new iPhone is launched you can almost expect that a new iPad is right around the corner. And, this year, that is no different. It is highly anticipated that at the October 30 Apple hardware event a new iPad will be launched offering improved functionality, display, and other features. Some of the highly expected features include an improved display, a slimmer design, and the ability to use Face ID in any orientation.

An Updated MacBook Air For a little while now, lovers of the MacBook Air have been crossing their fingers in hopes of a new and improved version of their favorite device. And, in 2018 it is expected Apple will deliver. Because the MacBook Air is currently the most outdated MacBook on the market, and the most affordable option the hype behind this launch is unreal. Some of the features Air users are vying for include a new retina display, USB-C ports, and a design with a lot less weight to carry around!

A Better Version of Airpods It’s true that the current Apple Airpods were not launched that long ago, but it has been long enough for technology to evolve and a few updates to be required. That’s why at the upcoming Apple Hardware event many tech experts are expecting Apple to release a new and improved version- Apple Airpods 2. These new Airpods are anticipated to include new features that will make them more functional for a variety of users. Some hopeful features include waterproofing, smart technology (such as an activity monitor), and the ability to download music directly into the pods.

Re-Release of the Apple Air Charger When the Apple Air Charger was first released it was quickly put back into the Apple vault due to issues of overheating and low functionality. Despite the immediate setback, Apple users have not lost hope that wireless charging will be in their near future. Many Apple users expect that at the upcoming event Apple will re-release the air charger with improved functionality after extensive testing. With the Apple Air Charger users are hoping to be able to charge multiple devices at once thanks to the sleek design of the large charging pad.

If you are an Apple enthusiast, what other announcements are you expecting at the October 30 event? Let us know in the comments!

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