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Take Note of These Trends Before Building Your Business App

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As we enter the year 2019 (in a few short months), businesses without apps are few and far between. Customer desires and consumer demands have forced nearly every business into the 21st Century whether they like it or not. Unfortunately, many businesses that have jumped on board the business app train have forgotten that their app needs to be constantly refreshed if they want to keep it desirable for their customers.

If you belong to a business that hasn’t updated their app since 2015, then you will want to take note of these current app trends and take them back to your boss.

Instant Payment When store and purchasing apps were first introduced they were a dream come true for consumers. No longer did they have to surf the business website for hours looking for the one thing they wanted. Instead, they could log-in to an extremely organized app, easily find what they were looking to purchase, enter their credit card and be on their way. However, for consumers today that old process has one too many steps. More consumers than ever are turning their nose at entering their personal credit card information. They want to check out in a way that is fast, secure and doesn’t require them to pull out their wallet. If you have an app for purchasing products or are building one, be sure to consider adding a payment option such as PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay to help your customers along. If you want to be really popular, add all three!

Customer Service Thanks to the world of social media consumers today are desperate to connect with brands in a upfront and personal way. In response to this need, many companies are creating the option for customers to chat with customer service representatives right inside their app. Customers love this option because it means they don’t have to wait on hold for hours or fill out any forms and wait for an email. They get the answer they want when they want it—immediately. You too can easily to your app by using a chatbot or other responsive AI tool.

Push Notifications A lot of businesses miss the boat on big customer connection opportunities because they don’t include push notifications in their apps. They think that people don’t want to be bothered and if they add notifications they will only annoy their customers. They are wrong! Customers need the option to be alerted when their favorite item goes on sale or there is breaking information they need to know. If they don’t want to see the notifications, they can simply turn them off! If you add push notifications to your app you will be surprised at the increase in your customer interactions-we guarantee it!

Now that you know what the hottest app trends are, it’s time to get to work! Just remember, if your app hasn’t been updated in quite some time you may need help from a trusted professional!

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