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6 Apps From 2018 You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s fall, which means winter is quickly approaching. That means 2018 will soon be fading quickly in the rearview mirror. And, with a new year approaching, all of the excitement, news, and new technology from 2018 will fade into the past as well. However, if you are really looking to build your life on quality technology instead of just the latest trends, you will want to make sure you have these 6 apps ready to go with you into the New Year.

Slack If you want to talk about an app that has taken the workplace and day-to-day communication by storm, we need to talk about Slack. This messaging app streamlines communication for organizations and groups making it easier than ever to communicate with one another efficiently. Slack is a brilliant blend of email/instant messaging that allows you to keep your conversations private and extremely organized. If you have people you talk to every day, you need to get Slack ASAP.

Google Lens Let’s face it, in 2018 Google dominated the app game. In fact, they dominated the app game so much that even iOs users were downloading Google apps constantly. However, the one Google app that really stole the show was Google Lens. A look into the future, Google lens gives search results based on a simple picture. Simply snap and all of the information you could ever need is at your fingertips.

Bouncer Good at keeping the bad guys out, Bouncer is an app that proactively protects your phone by monitoring app permissions. With Bouncer you can choose when and where which apps have access to your media, camera, and contacts. Furthermore, you can create settings for your app preferences that don’t let anything sneak into your private information undetected. Although Bouncer is not a firewall, it certainly does a great job at keeping you safe!

Camera +2 Tired of taking mediocre pictures? Camera +2 is the app for you. This app offers more features and setting than your traditional phone camera and gives you full artistic control to create the pictures you want. When you download Camera +2 you are saying yes to internet/website worthy photos straight form your camera.

Venmo If you never thought that paying your friends for your shared pitcher of beer would be a social event, you were wrong. Venmo has taken simple payments and made it into an experience. With Venmo you can send money to any bank account free of charge and your “friends” on the app can see who you made the payment to (if you choose). Although it’s fun, everything is safe, secure, and can be completely private if you want it to be! If you pay your friends regularly, Venmo is the way to go!

Fortnite We couldn’t get through this list without throwing in a game, and Fortnite is the hottest game on the market right now! Fortnite is a game that tests not only your gaming skills but your survival and tactical skills as well. Many people enjoy the desktop version of this game, but rumor has it the app version is just as good.

So, hurry and don’t delay! Get these apps before you forget about them. And, if you have any apps that you would put on this list that you don’t see here, let us know!

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