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Why Migrating to AWS Is Not as Terrifying as Many People Think


Amazon Web Services is a cloud services platform that offers computing power, database storage, content recovery and other functions for businesses. Since being introduced, Amazon Web Services has grown immensely by offering platforms and functions that are unparalleled with any other company. Just recently AWS has expanded into new territories all over the world and launched new offerings such as Secrets Manager and Mailbox Sharing. These big introductions and the immense growth AWS is seeing has many businesses considering making the switch, but many hesitate because they fear the process.

Yes, migrating to a cloud-based platform from an in-house infrastructure can be cumbersome and anxiety-inducing, but the great news is AWS has been designed to offer a simple transition. In fact, one of the most popular features of AWS is its hybrid design. Due to this unique component, businesses can exist both on the cloud and in their own infrastructure to create a seamless transition.

If you are considering migrating to the cloud and transitioning to AWS from your in-house infrastructure, but are worried about the process here are a few things that you can remember to put your mind at ease.

Data Can Exist in the Cloud and In-House
One of the biggest fears related to transitioning to the cloud is the fear of losing valuable data. For large companies especially, or companies with a lengthy history losing data could mean a crash of the entire business for days at a time. Furthermore, the loss of data could slow their processes and affect every department and every client. However, for businesses looking to transition to the cloud, fear no more! As you transition to AWS your data can exist both on the cloud an on your internal network until you are comfortable to move 100% to the cloud.

Permissions to the Cloud Can Be Limited
To many IT professionals of large companies, the cloud seems to accessible. Because it is not maintained on-site and the securities are not monitored in-house, there is a general fear that networks could be compromised too easily by allowing every user to have access to the information that is present on the cloud. However, just like an internal network, permissions to the cloud can be controlled by individuals to see only what needs to be seen.

Devices Can Communicate with the Cloud and with the Internal Infrastructure
When transitioning to the cloud it is important to be able to manipulate and access data no matter where it is stored on every device. With AWS this is possible. Hybrid capabilities make it so that devices are able to communicate in both directions allowing the migration to be easier and more widely accepted.

If you are looking to migrate to AWS soon, don’t let your fears delay you. The sophisticated capabilities that it offers have been designed with you in mind.

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