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For quite a while now we've lived in a world where connectivity is available at our fingertips. In fact, over 98% of households have either wireless internet or have devices connected to 3G/4G Networks. However, simply being connected to the internet is not enough. People crave a world where everything they want is at their fingertips. Over the past few years, Amazon has responded to this need by providing not only free 2-day shipping through their prime membership but now providing free same-day delivery as well. And now, Amazon and AT&T have announced that they are taking their game to the next level by bringing you the AT&T LTE-M Button.

What is the AT&T LTE-M Button you ask? Remember the Dash Buttons Amazon launched a few years ago where you could reorder your detergent, toilet paper, paper towels and other common household items through Amazon with a simple click? The AT&T LTE-M button is that but on a way bigger scale. Dash Buttons were programmed to only order a specific item and had to be in your house within range of your wireless internet to work. However, you will be able to program the LTE-M button to do virtually ANYTHING and use it virtually ANYWHERE.

The AT&T LTE-M button making the Internet of Things (IoT) accessible to everyday people. Because of its connectivity to the AT&T LTE Network, small businesses, individuals, and families will be able to use it in order to simplify their lives. Like the Amazon Dash buttons, you will be able to use it to reorder everyday items, but you will also be able to use it to notify companies that you are in need of certain services, schedule a pick-up at a certain location, or get last minute goods delivered to you wherever you are.

Some critics say that the AT&T LTE-M button is useless because the tasks you can program it to do can already be successfully accomplished from a wireless device. However, supporters say that the LTE-M button is a step in the right direction towards a world of complete connectivity. With the button, people won't have to take time looking for the items they know they need to order, or the service they need to notify. The button will already be programmed. So, for businesses or individuals that have a lot to manage, the button has the ability to save time and cut-down on human error.

We believe that the AT&T LTE-M button is just a glimpse of what we will see from Amazon in the future. This little bit of connectivity hints at a bigger puzzle they are piecing together through partnerships with other technology tycoons.

If this button is just the beginning, where do you think we are headed in the future? What are your predictions for the everyday future of the Internet of Things?

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