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The Inside Scoop on the 2018 iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Everyone knows that WWDC is only one month away. Everyone knows big things are going to happen, and one of them is the new, 2018 iPad Pro. The world seems to be buzzing about the new tablet that will be hitting the market within the next few weeks. However, just the same, many people are wondering whether or not this new technology will be worth its price tag.

Typically, new iPad releases include a few upgrades to the functionality and design, but not much in terms of new features. In the past iPad, upgrades have left many tech lovers shrugging as there were no extremely exciting upgrades unveiled. And, although the 2018 iPad Pro does include typical upgrades, there are a few exciting features expected to be announced.

Improved Display
If there is one thing that both gurus and everyday users value, it is a good display---and that's exactly what they are going to get with the 2018 iPad Pro. Most people think that this third generation will follow suit with a sleeker design and wider display. Instead of the recent 10.5 in option, a popular rumor hints at both an 11 inch and 12.9-inch option.

Face ID
Last year when the iPhone X was released, one of the most popular and exciting features it offered was facial recognition. This ability took away the need for a home button on the front display and allowed for more security and a sleeker design. As the expected release of the iPad 2018 gets closer, a large number of enthusiasts and experts agree that facial recognition and security will be on the feature list.

New iPad Pencil Capabilities
People are starting to gravitate away from having their iPad as one tool in their arsenal of Apple products, and instead expect it to serve all of their needs. Therefore, one of the most popular release rumors surrounding the 2018 iPad Pro is iPad Pencil capabilities. The iPad pencil will allow people to use their iPads in a more versatile manner and in more artistic fields. For the everyday user, this might not be a big deal, but to religious Apple experts, it certainly is.

Speedy Processing
In the world of information processing, fast is still the name of the game. For that reason, it is expected that a new, improved, faster processor will be among the biggest features announced for the 2018 iPad Pro. Unlike the 2017 version, the newer iPad boasts a bionic processing chip that will improve the speed of the system and tool immensely. Definitely a feature worth getting excited about. Most predictions made by experts in the months leading up to WWDC are correct. Yet, only time will tell what the real reveals of the 2018 iPad Pro will be, as well as the "official name." Despite all of the rumors, one thing is for certain...no matter what is announced, people will still flock to purchase this new iPad just like the others because Apple never loses its charm.

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