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The Best Apps for Organizing Your Life

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Face it, life is busy for everyone. These days you don’t have to be a doctor or Hollywood star to have a lot on your schedule. Even if you are the only one you have to take care of, somehow the day gets filled from sunup to sundown, And, busy is hard to manage. Luckily, thanks to technology, we now are blessed with a myriad of apps that can help us to get our life in order. But, how do you know which apps are best?

In this list of the best apps for organizing your life, you will find an app for every category of chaos. From scheduling your day to communication, we've got you covered. Check it out.

Available on Android, iOs, or your desktop computer Evernote is a one-stop organizational shop. If you are a person that has a million sticky notes all over your car and desk, you really need this app. Store all of your thoughts, important notes, lists, and even simple designs in one place. Evernote is basically a giant spiral notebook organized into important categories and pumped full of technology. The best part is, no matter what device you are on your notes sync automatically.

Trouble managing time? This is the app for you. Experts have found that the average person can only handle the management of a single task for 5-30 minutes. Enter 30/30. Designed to break your day into chunks, 30/30 will keep you on task without a doubt! A visual timer will keep you motivated until you hear the timer ding. When you get this app you won't waste any more time scrolling aimlessly through social media or getting sidetracked by meaningless activities.

Living in a world of technology we are inundated with information. With every text, email, or slack message there is a new file that needs to be saved. And, fortunately, but unfortunately most devices don't have hard drives to store them on. Thanks to Astro that problem is solved. Available on both iOs and Android, this app takes all of the files received by your device and magically categorizes them. It's like magic.

IFFT is a website and app that was designed to "put the internet to work for you." Inside the site, you can create conditional statements that organize your every activity. IFTT stands for If this, then that. Basically, you can say "If I get an email from Sue, Then send me a text message." No longer will you forget important dates, miss important messages, or forget to save that picture you want for the rest of your life. IFFT is truly like a second brain.

If your world is full of projects and teamwork, then you need Asana. Asana is the workflow organizational tool that keeps you on track. Upload files, send messages to teammates, brainstorm, and watch your progress to completion. Every workplace needs Asana.

Feeling inspired to organize? Start with one of these apps or download them all to make your life more efficient.

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