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Amazon’s Alexa is Getting Smarter


In the world of at-home technology, smart home systems are all the rage. Everyone seems to wants a device that will make their life easier and more technologically advanced. Recently, we talked about the launch of Apple's first smart home system, the Apple Homepod. Of course, we all know about Google's version, Google Home. Both systems offer great features and technological capabilities that can turn any home from drab to fab. However, just this week, the OG of smart home systems-Amazon's Alexa announced some big news...she's getting smarter.

Wait, wasn’t Alexa smart before?
Up until now the only way that Alexa really showed her smarts was with her keen voice recognition. Other than that, she could identify a question and give her best guess of an answer or play your favorite tv show or song on command. Although many people have claimed Alexa is "listening" in on their conversations or "laughing" at their jokes, we have never received confirmation from Amazon that she is actually "smart". Until now that is.

How will Alexa improve with her new brains?
The series of upgrades that Alexa will experience in the near future is just a step in the right direction to making her your "no-hassle guarantee" virtual assistant. To make her smarter, Alexa's upgrades will utilize machine learning and one of the of the first skills Alexa acquires will be a memory.

Before you panic, Alexa having a memory doesn't mean that she is going to be listening in on every one of your questions or blurting in recommendations based on a conversation you had with a spouse or friend. Her memory will be more short-term than long-term and serve to provide you with smoother conversations and fewer frustrations. With Alexa's memory, you will be able to ask follow-up questions without being as specific as before. For example, you could ask Alexa "What is the nearest ice cream store?" and then follow-up with "How do I get there?" instead of "How do I get to the nearest ice cream store?".

Overall, with Alexa's new smartness and her acquired memory, she will better understand you and your conversations. Instead of being purely transactional, Alexa will become more conversational---a quality many people desire in a virtual assistant.

The future of Alexa and smart home systems...
As Alexa moves towards the future it is inevitable that the other smart home systems will follow suit. In an article released by Forbes in January, 2018 they released predictions about what is to come in the future of smart home technology. Some of the suggestions were increased efficiency, data sharing, and smart appliances. With these predictions---like your refrigerator ordering the food you need from Amazon, it is completely possible that in the future our homes will be able to function without us. Okay, maybe not completely, but IT IS more likely that we won't be able to function without the technology in place in our homes.

What are your thoughts about the future of smart home technology and systems like Alexa?

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