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Keeping Up With the Cloud in 2018


The cloud was introduced in 2006 as a concept for storing information and processes off of a traditional computer hard drive. At the time, the concept of the network had been around for quite awhile and people had become comfortable with the idea of information for multiple users being stored in one location. However, the BIG change brought about by the cloud was that data would no longer be in direct control of the user. If something crashed the user would be forced to contact an outside source to troubleshoot instead of just contacting an internal department or solving the problem themselves. The lack of power was terrifying. Now, 12 years later it seems to be the norm and people are doing everything the can in order to keep up.

So, here are a few things you should be aware of if you are looking to keep up with the cloud and all of its goodness in 2018.


Okay, we know everyone is aware of the Internet of Everything and the innovation of these complex systems. However, what you might not be aware of is just HOW much the Internet of Everything is taking over….well, everything. Cities are converting to smart cities, businesses are utilizing IoE to have a more secure database and higher integrity, and people are even converting their homes to have systems that all communicate with one another and making their life easier. And, all of this would not be possible without the cloud and its glorious capabilities. As we progress through the year and into the future, the IoE is only going to grow along with product offerings that will function within it.

Disaster Recovery

The growth of the cloud inevitably means that there is more potential for disaster to strike, data to be lost, and cloud customers to be angry. This year if there is one thing cloud-related that should be taken seriously it is disaster recovery. Every business or individual on the cloud should be aware of what cloud platform they are using and what would happen if data were to disappear or the functionality would tank.

New Cloud Developments

We all love Google and understand their role in the cloud, but there are also a lot of other “little guys” at play in the industry. However, these “little guys” have seriously confused the cloud world by stepping out of the traditional definition as it was decided back in 2006. All of these new cloud platforms popping up are endearingly referred to as multi-cloud platforms and are transforming the way that the cloud is used. Multi-cloud platforms arguably have better security, more features, and better automation than the single cloud platform we are all familiar with.

Although we are already a couple of months into 2018, you still have enough time to familiarize yourself with these trends and ready yourself for everything that is to come. And, if you start with the Internet of Things, Disaster Recovery, and multi-cloud platforms you will be well on your way.

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