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What’s the Deal with Targeted Advertising?

Target Ads

As you surf the web, no matter where you go, ads seem to pop up for the new device, pair of jeans, or app you were just researching. Was the computer listening to your conversations? No, but it was stalking your data.

A far cry from the randomly placed ads that used to show up during your internet browsing sessions, targeted marketing works to present you only with ads that you should care about.

Targeted marketing works by placing cookies on your browser to mark websites you have visited recently. Then, when you are surfing the web on other sites, those tags follow you and show you ads that are relevant to the previous site you were visiting.
Not only are targeted ads successful for companies that want to earn customers' business, they are also lucrative for the company that is selling the ad space.

How successful is the targeted ad industry?
Currently, Google AdWords has total domination over online targeted ads. In the last quarter alone, the business brought in $10.86 Billion in ad revenue according to an online source. That kind of money isn’t anything to mess with, and after seeing all of those dollar signs, targeted ad marketing companies are happy to report that the industry is growing like a weed.

Just last year, emarketing.com compiled data that predicted online targeted marketing would grow by 13% in the year 2018. Which means there is still room for competitive companies to sneak into the game.

Are other companies investing in the future of the targeted ad industry?
Through the technology rumor grapevine, it has been reported that Apple is one of the many competitive companies looking to claim their slice of the lucrative targeted marketing pie. Recently, we have also seen Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all join in on mobile ad marketing as well.

Not only do these businesses realize that mobile ad marketing is the way of the future, they also realize they need to diversify their companies revenue streams if they want to be truly successful. That means, even if your business isn’t a sole advertising business you can still invest in this cutting-edge concept.

How can my business use targeted ads for success?
Whether you are a business that’s looking to develop a lucrative platform, or a business looking to gain new clientele, targeted ad marketing could be your highway to success. Relatively inexpensive to purchase, targeted ads are a smart way for businesses reach the customers that are most interested in their products and services.

If you really want to use targeted ad marketing to your advantage, creating a platform for other companies to purchase ad space has proven to be fiscally rewarding for many businesses. When you invest in a platform, not only are you creating a space where you can advertise your own business, but you are also profiting from other businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits of big data.

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