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Should Your Business Build an App?

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Yes, it's true, there's an app for everything and we all know it. You want to know what time your train arrives---there's an app for that. Need to order a quick dinner---there's an app for that. Too cold in your house---there's an app for that.

There's even an app that will tell you when the food in your refrigerator expires. That's right, no more smelly leftovers.

Technology has evolved to the point that whatever you can dream of you can create an app for. Individual entrepreneurs make it big by launching an app that defines their brand, and popular companies use apps to gain face time with potential clientele. With the increasing popularity of apps as a tool in business, you might be asking yourself if it's the right time to build one. If so, you can consider these points to help make your decision.

Apps Help You Meet Your Customers Needs
We all realize that face to face business, although valuable, is slowly fading away. A growing number of individuals today prefer to make transactions online or through an app instead of inside of a store or with a representative. Creating an app for purchasing also helps to improve the speed of transactions. No longer will your customers have to wait around or debate about making a purchase because with a simple click it will be in their cart and ready to go. And, a fast transaction means a happy customer. So, as you can see building an app with your customers in mind helps to ensure that you are pleasing everyone by offering a solution to meet their individual needs.

Apps Can Improve Your Relationship with Customers
Many companies and brands build their apps for customer entertainment and engagement. Think Starbucks rewards app or L'Oreal Makeup Genius. Both of these apps provide value that draws their customers in.

Apps, when designed correctly, also have the ability to gather information such as feedback or contact information from customers. This can help a company to engage with customers more often, and even help a customer to feel valued by acknowledging their opinion. Furthermore, it has been proven that when customers use these apps and enjoy them, they build a stronger connection and satisfaction for the company-making them customers forever.

Apps Build Brand Awareness
Although many big companies have successful apps, sometimes you need an app for your business because you are not a big company. In fact, many companies build apps because they want to increase the awareness of their brand and earn new customers. In doing so, they entice people who have never heard of their brand before to engage with them through a game, reward system, or the sharing of information. And, once a customer is engaged through an app they build a strong connection- a connection that makes them loyal to you and your brand.

After reading this if you are considering creating an app for your business, go for it. Relatively inexpensive and easy to accomplish apps can go a long way in helping you to achieve your desired business success.

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