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Hacknet: A game that teaches you literally how to hack!

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Have you ever dreamed of being a hacker? to understand what Mr. Robot is doing when watching the series? To spy on your ex-girlfriend by a simple command in a terminal and find all the little secrets buried under temporary files and the cache of Internet browsers? If you've never taken the plunge, but every episode of Mr. Robot still fascinates you, maybe you should take a look at Hacknet.

Presenting itself in the refined form of a terminal, Hacknet is undoubtedly a minimalist game. In its first form of hacking simulation, the game of Team Fractal Alligator does not forget its narrative part. Bit, a world-famous hacker, dies in strange circumstances as he comes to develop the ultimate hack tool: Hacknet. Present on one of his mailing lists, you must continue his work and learn to master the software. And for that, nothing like practice. You will not be hacking for pure pleasure, you will need to complete assignments and contracts once the tutorial has been completed and the Hackers Entropy group is integrated. These will often come with requests from special customers, then deposited on a secure server: - A student suspects his school of stealing the navigation data of all its users, you will have to enter the university system and erase all traces of these files, - An online game only allows one game, your sponsor will ask you to erase their saved data so they can start playing again.

During your data robberies, it will happen that you’re confronted with a particularly devious system. To have access to the system, you need to become the administrator. To do this, you have at your disposal several practical tools that allow you to open ports to insert a crack granting you the supreme permissions on the remote machine. Except that when breaking some ports, you may be detected, and a timer will start. You then have 1.30min to carry out your mission. A time constraint that will spice your experience, especially if you play the game to interact only through the terminal. Your will lose control over your fingers, you will suddenly forget the line of code allowing you to erase your tracks, or may not be able to disconnect in time ... In this case, the consequences can be quite ... a beautiful blue screen.

A good old BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Sometimes, if one of your hackings goes wrong, it will happen that your target (often another hacker) decides to simply delete your operating system. You will have to manage with some basic tools to recover your system files on a remote machine, and this time without any GUI(Graphical User Interface).
Let’s now address the difficulty of Hacknet. If it does not require any prior command line knowledge, the Team Fractal Alligator app will not take you by the hand and will often ask you to rack your brains. The systems you attack will often serve as real puzzles that will take you long minutes to solve. Nevertheless, we must admit that this little game provides very good feelings and the ease with which it allows us to hack any computer is really exhilarating. It must be said that the developers had the good idea to make their game "realistic". By this I mean that computers do not only contain the files that are necessary for your mission. You will find, if you take the time to dig a little, various files such as web page history or cats. Often funny, these little bonuses make Hacknet a real computer hacking simulation, and will push you to go to the end of the adventure.

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