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New Updates to iOS 12 and Augmented Reality is Big News?

iOS 12

A few short weeks ago, Apple hosted WWDC 2018. As you know, WWDC is one of the biggest technology conferences of the year and the one and only conference for Apple products. In the months and weeks leading up to WWDC, everyone is buzzing as experts speculate about the announcements and releases that will be made. But now that the conference is over, we know exactly what we can expect from Apple in the coming months. And, what wonderful, technologically advanced features the upgrades and releases will offer to our future.

iOS 12
Perhaps the biggest announcement made at WWDC was regarding the upgrade to iOS- iOS 12. Since the first version of iOS was released in 2010 for the iPhone, features, and capabilities have come a long way and offer so much more. After all, the most exciting feature of iOS 1 was the visual voicemail. Remember?

Today, IOs software update offers so much more than the ability to delete a voicemail without having to punch in your passcode. From your phone you can expect custom animojis, group FaceTime, and an array of new applications; one of which will let you know if you are spending too much time looking at your screen and not enough time looking at the world around you.

Through these upgrades, Apple is sustaining its mission of being a product that integrates with people’s everyday lives. Instead of being just another tool on the belt of technology lovers, IOs 12 is becoming an essential component for both work and fun.

Augmented Reality
Although IOs 12 does have augmented reality features, those features were just a scratch on the surface of what Apple has to offer for the world of AR. Instead of just coming out with another app or product that people can use to enjoy the world of AR, Apple launched a platform that helps to build it.

The ARKit Coding Platform is a tool that will be available to hundreds of thousands of devices later this year. Through the advanced platform, developers will have access to tools that will help make their AR dreams a reality (as much of a reality as AR can be).

Details and the ability to make apps feel more realistic are the main components of ARKit 2. Most general users are excited about the potential ARKit 2 offers because they anticipate it will help to develop more entertaining apps like Zombies Go! and Pokemon Go!. However, most developers realize that the Augmented Reality Platform could birth opportunities for tech developers to change the world of medicine, customer service, and user experience just to name a few. In any case, it is evident that the future of technology and our lives lie in Augmented Reality.

Depending on your expectations, WWDC 2018 did not disappoint and brings much hope and excitement to the future of technology.

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