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3 AWS Tools That Can Improve Your Business


Looking for a way to improve your business? Amazon Web Services just might be the answer.

As a cloud-based application, Amazon Web Services offers all that and a bag of chips to business owners looking to improve their day-to-day operations and big picture procedures. From media services to analytics, and even web development tools, Amazon Web Services offers ease of accessibility to top of the line tools.

If you aren’t where to start when it comes to using Amazon Web Services for your business, these three applications will help you dip your toes into the pool of possibilities.

Amazon WorkDocs
Amazon WorkDocs is a secure and compliant document management system that can be accessed from anywhere you are that has wireless or 3G/4G capabilities. Easily shared between co-workers, business partners, and clients.
To set itself apart from other document sharing tools, Amazon WorkDocs has a top-notch management console that can be programmed with powerful APIs. This unique feature makes the document system less cumbersome and more manageable for the busy employee or executive.
An added bonus of Amazon WorkDocs is that it now has a Word compatibility feature that allows documents to seamlessly switch from the Amazon platform to Word Online---saving many headaches!

Amazon QuickSight
Do you and your partners regularly present to different departments, boards, or administration? If so, Amazon QuickSight is the tool for you! Easily paired with your data systems through the cloud-based platform, QuickSight can gather up your data in an instant. Furthermore, thanks to the cloud there are no messy servers to manage or frustrating customer service lines to deal with.

After pairing QuickSight with your data, you decide what you want it to do. From creating visually appealing informational graphics to analyzing pertinent information, QuickSight can do it all and save you a lot of time.

And, with QuickSight you only pay for what you use. So, unlike other platforms, you won't be racking up unexplainable fees and having to pay big, frustrating bills.

Alexa for Business
Everyone loves Alexa, but did you know that she's available to help your business too? Alexa for Business is an intuitive smart system that can manage a portion of your business's day to day operations and administrative functions. Like an executive assistant that follows you everywhere you go, Alexa is able to help you find open meeting rooms, reorder office supplies, update you on your schedule, and fill-in appointment times. Alexa can also help to monitor the safety of the office and report maintenance problems as necessary.

Depending on the functionality of your office, you can teach Alexa to do important tasks that are unique to your needs. Each person in the office can have a personal Alexa device, and there can be shared Alexa devices in conference rooms and shared spaces. But, every device will work together to complete the jobs you need to be done!

Overall, Amazon Web Service products can change the landscape of a business. How have you used AWS to your advantage?

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