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AWS Introduces a Tool that Helps YOU Become the Expert

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Thanks to the ever-changing world of technology there are always new topics to keep up with and new skills to learn. Unfortunately, doing the research and training to keep up on your own could be considered a full-time job. You would have to scour the web constantly looking for new announcements of applications, upgrades, and methods. Furthermore, breaking each one down to understand it would be another job.

Luckily, AWS has launched a platform designed to keep you and your technology-loving friends and colleagues on the up and up when it comes to new material---AWS Heroes. AWS Heroes is a community of experts brought together by Amazon to answer all of your most common questions and your most complicated questions. For the ever-inquiring mind or the busy entrepreneur, AWS Heroes will be a lifesaver.

AWS Heroes are broken down into different categories so that you can the answers to your questions simply and efficiently. The different categories for AWS Heroes are Community Heroes, Serverless Heroes, and Container Heroes.

Community Heroes are individuals who have an extensive knowledge of all things AWS. These people are like encyclopedias on legs when it comes to supplying the knowledge you need. The wide variety of information they offer makes Community Heroes the best choice for when you aren’t sure what category your question falls in. Furthermore, these individuals have all created a significant impact in their local communities through their knowledge---true heroes.

Serverless Heroes are forging the way through the unknown territory of the serverless world. These pioneers have dove in headfirst to problems that no one knows how to solve. When you are searching for knowledge on a topic that is based around a serverless system, chances are the Serverless Heroes will know how to help. You could scour their blog posts and videos all day and barely touch the surface of all the knowledge they have to offer.

Container Heroes are into the nitty-gritty of Amazon Container Services. They know a lot about what not a lot a people know about. These are the people who are constantly doing the research on the up and coming trends. They know what’s coming down the pipeline and are excited to share about it.

The bottom line. If you are a person who is invested in becoming better in your skills and knowledge of Amazon and all things online technology, then AWS Heroes is a space that you should be aware of. It is truly one-of-a-kind, allowing you to connect directly with the individuals who are bringing you the knowledge. Use it as one of your the many tools in your personal development toolbox to be a well-rounded, well-informed individual.

If you think you have what it takes to be an AWS Hero, even better! They post requirements for eligibility on their website. Be sure to check it out!

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