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5 Apps That Will Enhance Your Online Learning Experience

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If the internet is good for one thing it's helping to fill our brains with the easily accessible knowledge to help build our expertise on a myriad of subjects. Articles are published every day from some of the most brilliant brains in technology and there are millions of blogs that offer basic information in new subjects. The only problem is, at times the constant flow of information can become overwhelming.

If you have found that you are having difficulty keeping up with all of the information you want to consume, here are a couple of apps we recommend to help!

In the early days of the internet, people counted on the bookmarks bar to keep track of their favorite websites and articles they wanted to read later. Today, they have Pocket. Pocket is an app that stores away articles you want to read or web pages you want to visit later. If you don't have a lot of free time during your day, pocket is the app for you! Easy to use it is available for Android and iOS.
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Although the TED app doesn't organize information for you, it is a source of some of the best ideas and concepts available for those who want to grow their minds. The TED App showcases TED talks delivered from individuals from all over the world. In the app, you can search by category for the type of talk you are looking for, browse the most popular talks, and create a bank of your favorites. For anyone who wants to learn, this app is recommended. Available for download on both Android and iOS.
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Zidbits is a website for those who want to learn, but don’t know what they want to learn about. A random collection of interesting and scientific articles, Zidbits piques curiosity in nearly everyone who uses it. Download the app on Android or iOs and open Zidbits every day to learn something new.
Zidbits Website

Much like the TED App, Learnist is an app that hosts information sourced from experts all over the world. On Learnist you can both articles and videos to learn from. Find your favorites, save them for later, and watch them over and over again. Learnist can be downloaded on both Android and iOs devices and is a great resource for those looking to expand their knowledge.
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If you want to learn from material developed by some of the best-known colleges and universities, CourseBuffet is for you! CourseBuffet is an app that offers courses from colleges to anyone who downloads the app. Although you won't receive technical "credit" from CourseBuffet courses, you will expand your knowledge like ever before! Download the App for Android and iOs.
CourseBuffet Website

Now that you know some of our favorite apps for learning, it’s time to get down to it! Pick your favorites, download, and become the expert you’ve always wanted to be. What apps are your favorite for learning? Are they on this list?

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