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How Good is the Apple Homepod?

Apple Homepod

The idea of a home becoming “smart” is nothing new. For the past decade, families and individuals have excitedly adopted the idea and welcomed products into their homes that have promised to make their life easier and more exciting. In 2014, Amazon released the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot featuring the well-known voice of “Alexa” the Amazon virtual assistant. Then, in November 2016 Google released the Google Home and Google Home mini products, their own version of a home-based virtual assistant. Now, nearly four years after the first home-based virtual assistant was released, Apple is finally giving the world their version.

What is the Apple Homepod?
According to Apple, the Homepod is a “breakthrough” speaker that offers amazing sound, spatial awareness, and Siri assistance. The large speaker is designed to bring out the best in Apple music and offers a variety of podcasts and tunes that can be blasted through the wireless top-of-the-line amplifier. At $349.00 there is no doubt that the product is nice. However, the real question stands…”Is it worth it?” Different than Google Home and Amazon Echo Although Google and Amazon’s versions of the virtual home assistant came out long before the Apple Homepod, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better. It just means they are different. Unlike the two other products, the Apple Homepod was built and designed to be the best speaker for music.

Through smart technology, the Google Homepod can sense the room around it and then adjust its speaker settings to produce the best sound within that environment. The other two products simply play music and offer the option to adjust the volume. Furthermore, the Apple Homepod was designed with a remarkable bass, seven tweeters to create dynamic sound, and a microphone that can hear above all the noise.

Capable of Creating a System
In addition to creating the best sound possible, when combined with other Homepods, the Apple virtual home assistant can create a full sound system that offers stereo sound and continuous sound throughout multiple rooms. This type of communication is made possible through the smart technology and the A8 chip that is installed inside of every Homepod. In fact, the A8 chip is one of the smartest brains available for home technology, making the Hompod capable of almost anything you want it to do.

Made for Music Lovers
All-in-all, the Apple Homepod is good. But, really it's status and worth are achieved from its music and speaker capabilities. So, if you are a music lover or someone who analyzes sound, then it is definitely worth the price tag. However, if you are simply looking for a virtual home assistant that will answer a few questions here and there and play a song on a whim, then you could probably be satisfied with one of the other, more cost-friendly products.

Although Apple was a little late in the game on this one, enthusiasts of the brand will stay loyal and go with the Homepod over other choices. Once more offering proof that Apple reigns supreme.

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