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The Death of Flash

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In 2010 Steve Jobs stood up and wrote this about flash, “”The mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards —all areas where Flash falls short.” This statement would send Flash into a deadly spiral, and in July of last year they gave it the final countdown… 2020.

In the Tech world this is not big news, or even news at all (it was announced last year after all), but we were surprised when we realized how many people still didn’t realize that the death bell would toll for Flash. We want to reassure clients that the end of Flash is not going to have the aftershocks that we could expect. Here’s why:

  1. Apple devices don’t support Flash. iPod, iPad, iPhone, none of these have ever supported flash. Let’s be honest, the first couple years it was annoying, but after that technology adapted, and we never even noticed.

  2. When was the last time you had to “update your Flash player?” Ten years ago, it seemed like every time you opened a web page you had to update your flash player. When was the last time that your system told you that you needed to upgrade?

Truth is, developers have been working around Flash for years, slowly letting it die to HTML5. Flash was a plug in, it filled the gaps that existed in basic HTML. As technology has advanced, they’ve been able to incorporate what was once add-ons into basic technology. As this technology has become more refined, it has made Flash obsolete.

Here’s another fun fact about the end of Flash, they gave over three years for developers to compensate. For those that still rely heavily on this technology (which even Adobe agrees is outdated), they have plenty of time to modernize their sites to accommodate this change.

Flash has been the center of development for games, websites, and other areas of technology, it is a rich part of our online history. As we move forward, the change may be intimidating for those that are hard core Flash users. A quick peek at the adobe Flash help forums shows that there are users that are concerned over the change. These changes aren’t intended to be intimidating, but instead they are there to push progress forward. In a way, this is really exciting. Flash has been holding back technological development for a long time, and with it’s end in sight it opens up the door to creativity and innovation.

If you have a website that currently uses Flash, and you need to modernize it, we can help. We can modernize your website, and optimize your online presence. Your website represents your business, and using outdated technology is not the best first impression. Let us help you make the best first impression.

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