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What You Need to Know About Amazon's Alexa for Business

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As you know, during re: Invent 2018 Amazon announced that they were launching an Alexa for business. According to the pros at Amazon, this powerful, voice activated device has the potential to change the way people are doing business all over the world through its efficiency and capabilities.

But, if you are a business owner looking for an opportunity to improve your procedures and are considering using Alexa for business—here are a few things you need to know before you take the plunge.

Alexa is the Queen of Shared Devices A simple request that all business owners have is for their meetings to be streamlined and more efficient to save the company both time and money as well as improve the employee and client experience. Alexa for business delivers on that request. When you want to start your meeting, you simply tell Alexa and she will be able to cue the television, phones, and speakers to get you started as long as you have the proper processes in place. Talk about service!

Alexa’s Got Skills As an improvement from other voice-activated devices in the past, Alexa is able to learn specific skills that she needs to work effectively in your business. In other words, you can train Alexa to do the things that you want her to do. For example, you can teach Alexa to give you updated information on a specific topic every day at a certain time. Or, you can teach Alexa to turn on the lights in Conference room three on Wednesday when you have a meeting. And you can also teach Alexa to turn off your phones at a certain time of day to increase your productivity. Whatever you want Alexa to do, she can do it!

Alexa Can be Managed Much like another employee, Alexa for business can be managed. Not only can you teach her skills, but you can also teach her how to distribute information, how to block information, and who to work with. As crazy as it sounds, Alexa for business can truly become part of your team if you want her to.

Everyone Can Have an Alexa With Alexa for business, you can set up a master Alexa and then install Amazon Echos all over your office to assist in every department. No longer will you have to worry that Sue in accounting doesn't know her schedule because she can have an Alexa that helps her out!

At this time, Alexa for business is only available in the United States. But, as time progresses she will likely be available to change businesses all over the world.

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