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Apps Created for the Classroom That Everyone Can Love

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In most homes across the country, maybe even yours, fall means that it’s time for back to school. And unless you’ve been living under a rock (which we know you haven’t) you are aware that much of the modern school day involves technology. Most students have their own technology device they take to school and use for assignments, and many teachers rely on apps to help their students achieve success. Educational technology is a great thing—even for you!

If you’ve already finished school and are not familiar with the ingenuity that exists in the educational field, then we’ve got a treat for you! A list of apps made for the classroom that you can love even if you’re not worried about your GPA.

Memrise: Language Learning
If you have a bucket list, chances are it includes learning a new language. The good news is if you want to learn a new language you no longer have to go sit in a classroom for hours on end…you can use Memrise!

Memrise is a fun, easy to use, interactive app that has the ability to you up to 18 different languages in a short period of time. From basic vocabulary to grammatical rules, Memrise has the capability to help you become ready to travel abroad in no time at all. So, whether you are preparing for a big trip or just want to cross something off your list, Memrise is for you!

Star Chart
Remember the days of going to the planetarium or sitting in a star lab to learn the mythical legends of the night? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore! In fact, you don’t even have to have a telescope to see the greatest mysteries of the stars. All you need is Star Chart!

Great for date night or just learning a little bit more about the night sky, star chart will help you learn the stars like the back of your hand. Hold it up to the sky to see your favorite constellations, planet locations, and even the satellites!

Google Classroom
If you are an independent business owner and you haven’t explored the world of Google Classroom yet, then you need to check it out today! Google Classroom is a free app that lets you design lessons, give lessons, track assignments, and keep grades all in one easy to access location.

With Google Classroom you can create a one-of-a-kind class to offer to patrons of your business, or create an online class to offer to those who want to learn your tricks of the trade. The possibilities are endless with this app!

So, take the time to check out some of these apps and see what they’re all about. Or, even better ask a teacher what their favorite app is and add it to your downloads! Chances are, you won’t be disappointed!

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