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2018: Make Apple Affordable Again


Back in the day, schools across the country featured Macs. Then we would go home and have windows. For those that weren’t computer literate, it was a confusing transition. Then Apple took the country by storm. Now, it’s not uncommon to find an iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook or other apple product in the home. Apple and Windows share a friendly rivalry, and it’s about to get a lot more competitive.

Apple products are known for one thing across the board, their price tag. For most consumers, that was one of the major reasons they opted for a windows-based product, the savings. They could purchase a new windows-based laptop a year for four years before it would add up to the cost of one Apple computer. Let’s note Apple’s amazing customer service though. A friend deployed with an Apple laptop to Iraq, and when he came home almost 2 years later, Apple refurbished his computer with the newest operating system for free. Still, for those on a budget, an Apple computer (even with great customer service) wasn’t the best option.

This is all about to change. In June, Apple will announce at their developer conference what they intend to release in 2018. The rumor mill is flying, but there are a couple solid leads. The first is an entry level MacBook. This MacBook is exciting because it will rival the MacBook Pro, but sell at a price comparable to (or even lower than) the MacBook Air (currently $999). This makes owning an Apple computer (which will be compatible with your Apple Tv, iPhone, iPad, etc.) more feasible for a lot of consumers. That’s not all folks! Another rumored product is an affordable iPad. No longer will consumers have to deal with tablets that aren’t compatible with their phones, now they will be able to enjoy Apple products across the board. This new 9.7-in iPad will be similar to the 2017 model (though slightly refreshed) but have a price tag of only $259. Customers have been flocking to lower priced models, and Apple took notice.

Of course, these are rumored announcements that are subject to change, but as we’ve seen in the past, leaks of their summit announcements are usually pretty reliable. This is exciting news, as they are also hinting at new iPad pro models, and HomePods. Both of these products are rumored to have a lower price point than they have had in the past.

So, what does this mean for consumers? It means that the divide between Apple users and non-Apple users is about to get a lot smaller. Windows is going to have to up their game to stay competitive, because they can no longer rely on their lower price point. Apple has listened, and they are now making products to serve the general consumer, and not just the Apple devotees.

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